kai malte roever

the body is made of patterned anodized aluminum. the small illuminated torus is covered by translucent bone china. the outer illuminated torus is socked by five bone china lamellae. more »

PH Artichoke

PH Artichoke (1958) is a 360-degree glare-free luminaire created by 72 leaves that shield the light source, and redirect and reflect the light onto the underlying leaves, giving distinct, unique illumination. Poul Henningsen's pioneering work concerning the relations between light structures, shadows, glare, and color reproduction ... more »
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Im selben Raum hängt ein überdimensionaler Leuchter von Joana Vasconcelos, bestückt mit 14 000 Tampons ...


Schemata Architecture Office's third iteration of the Kurage lamp, made of 1.5mm optical fibre. After the jump, Shigeru Ban's Carbon Fiber Chair, Yuki Futa's Isu chair and Naoki Terada's Write In Measure for Muji.



Big White

  • Sikion S.70
  • Dena II S.122
  • PVC Rohr S.496
  • Wasdas S.173
  • Dewi desk S.134
  • Bowtow Glass S.115
  • Edge S.113 160 232